Bed and Breakfast Inn in Napa Valley

Wine-Tour With Your Innkeeper

Be sure to check out Innkeeper Jamie’s 5-Hour Wine Tour Package for both Napa or Sonoma, a $375 add-on to your room rate.  This is a unique opportunity for guests to hop on board with one of Napa’s insiders into unique and exciting winery adventures. Details»

Honeymoon Suites in Napa

Are you looking for a vacation in a beautiful landscape filled with wine, fine dining, and comfortable & luxurious lodging? Or are you searching for a romantic getaway in order to indulge in a new or developed romance? Or would you desire a bed and breakfast with deliciously unique food, everything made from scratch, and the chef’s selection of over 125 breakfast recipes to offer you a  unique meal every time you visit?  The rolling hills and beautiful vineyards of Napa Valley make it one of the most sought after destinations in the country. It is hard to deny the beauty of the landscape and the effect it can have on any travel or vacation you are seeking. It is with this backdrop that the Inn on First can be everything you’re looking for in a luxurious lodging experience.

Romantic Getaways

Romance Napa CAWith such romantic scenery around, the Inn on First is a great place for a romantic getaway. Enjoy your stay with local fine dining in the area, plenty of wine tours to engage with, and plenty of rooms to spend quality time with your loved one. It is great to get away from normal, busy life to relax and spend time with the one you love. Let us provide that space for you. The Inn on First can not only provide you with a wedding venue, but can provide you with one of our fantastic honeymoon suites as well. Co-owner/Chef Jim Gunther is a certified minister and can oversee your wedding ceremony. For more information, visit our weddings page here. We also offer many other romantic offerings from the community, including spa treatments and tours – there’s something for every couple.

The Best Bed and Breakfast in Napa

Our luxury inn is the best bed and breakfast in Napa. Our Napa Valley B&B is the best not only because of our beautiful rooms and atmosphere, but also because we offer the most unique and delectable breakfast menus around. Our chef, Jim Gunther, is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy and uses only fresh ingredients when creating his home-made, everything made from scratch delights. With over 125 recipes to choose from he keeps track of when you visit and what you eat so that he can offer you a unique breakfast meal each and every time you visit.  Remember: A bed and breakfast is only as good as its breakfast menu. Book your wedding venue with our B&B and start the most beautiful day of your life with a fantastic breakfast.  If you are looking for a wonderful experience you will never forget, and the best bed and breakfast in Napa California, then The Inn on First is the place to be.

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Napa Valley Luxury Lodging

Honeymoon Suite NapaYou have already read about how we are one of the most romantic getaways and the best bed and breakfast inn in Napa Valley CA, but what really separates us from everyone else is the luxury lodging that you will experience here at The Inn on First.  If you are tired of the “Pottery Barn” look of other contemporary BnB’s where every room looks alike, take a tour of our rooms here to see the full spectrum of unique accommodations we provide. From the cozy retreat of a bedroom in the historic mansion to the honeymoon suites in our Garden Suites, we treat all our guests to the best lodging we can provide and a broad color spectrum to choose from for your stay.

The Inn on First prides itself on the luxurious accommodations it offers. From its beautiful rooms to its top of the line menu as well its spa, wine and in-room bouquets, you will have a hard time finding a more luxurious stay in all of Napa. Yet, we are luxurious without losing the charm of a B&B. We want you to feel at home in luxury.

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